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The Creation of Your Portrait

It starts out with the first communication. The client contacts me through Facebook, Instagram, or this website itself. The creative gears in my head start to grind planning how I am going to make you look and feel your best. Location, wardrobe, makeup, timing, props; all play into how these photographs are going to turn out. I try to learn a little about you as a person, so that I can truly document the essence of you . I aim to use my passion to make people feel amazing and true to themselves.

Every person has something that they like about themselves. Their first tattoo slightly peaking out of their shirt. Their hair floating in the wind with the sun shining down on it. Their smile as I jump up around excitedly with each great shot I capture. (I actually do this, ask my past clients.) I see in my client a sense of relief with each click of the shutter, as I slowly help them unravel any self doubt or negative thoughts about their appearance.

An unplanned portrait of Alexis, who was shocked to see that she looked amazing in every image I captured of her.

When you book a portrait session with me, my main goal is to make you feel like the most fulfilled and empowered version of yourself. This isn't just about how you see yourself in the image, it is about how you feel yourself in the image. Mind, body and soul.

My childhood friend, captured on a hot summer day.

More often than not, I have clients start their session uncomfortable, and unsure of how their portraits are going to turn out. "I always look bad in photographs." "I don't like my face." "I don't know how to pose." That is completely normal, and that is why I am here.

Anyone can take a photo of someone nowadays, we have a camera in our pocket all hours of the day. Why spend money on a photographer when you can ask a friend to pull out their iPhone (that takes pretty great photos) for absolutely free? Why honestly spend the money?

You are paying a photographer for their skills,equipment, experience etc. Anyone can learn to use a camera, but you can't learn how to love doing it. What you can't put a price on is passion. A passion to capture beautiful, timeless photographs. I have spent years perfecting my ability to spot a good photograph on the sly. I have carried my camera with me in my purse for years, waiting for that perfect moment no matter what time and place. I feel like a photography ninja.

In a world obsessed with comparing ourselves to others, we should stop and focus on ourselves every once in awhile. I myself have struggled with random bits of low self esteem, everyone has at some point in their life. But the truth is that you are absolutely perfect the way you are. I love making people smile during our sessions, as it makes me happy making them happy.

Phyllis from The Holistic Apothecary of Ambler

I know how to make you look your best, feel your best. These portraits are not just for some likes on your Instagram feed. They will be saved for the generations after you. Your children, your children's children, and their children as well can see you captured in your truest form. They will be hung up in your house for everyone that comes through your front door to see, using memories as art. They will be a literal representation of you. Portraits are not only a pretty image, it is a visual documentation of you at a vital time in your life. You are worth being documented.

Jenna at Fischer's Park


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