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Oh, Snap!

Updated: May 23, 2019

Snap Custom Pizza, is the pizza, for you and meeeeee.

Now that I have the song from SpongeBob stuck in your head, let’s talk pizza. I am a simple gal, you can put just about any food in front of me and I will eat it. I am in no way am I saying that Snap is the best pizza I have ever had, but its up there. You can customize your pizza to have everything you want, from anchovies to avocado. You can watch them add the fresh toppings to your pizza through the glass at my location. It is a struggle to not look creepy as I drool over my pizza while it is being created.

Plain Pizza

Whenever I tell people the toppings I get, their face almost immediately goes ‘Huh?’. I am warning you, you might need to pop some TUMS from listening to this: kalamata olives, bacon, onions, tomatoes, and of course extra cheese. DELICIOUS.

Now, I don't want to leave their salads out of this post, because oh man are they fantastic. My go-to is the Craizin' Salad, which has kale, apple, cashews, grape tomatoes, red onions, goat cheese, and their apple cider vinaigrette. I swear there was one week when I got that salad for dinner every night. I could not stop cravin' the craizin'. I am getting hungry even thinking about it, you know what i'm eating for dinner tonight.

If custom isn't really your style, do not fret. They have a great menu of other pizzas that may be more your speed. You can see their full menu on their website, here. You can also order your food online through their website as well, which can save you even more time. We all need more of that! Within 10 minutes of ordering online, you can pick up your Snap Custom Pizza. Now please be aware that in Conshy, almost every restaurant and bar is busy on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights; so please be patient!

You can find that the beverages available are made by New Hope Premium Fountain, a refreshing change from the usual Coke or Pepsi option. You can choose from a mix of their soda, lemonade and juice options. My favorite flavor is the blackberry lemonade, yum. They are a local company from New Hope, Pennsylvania. It is worth mentioning they are the only eco-friendly, all natural beverage company in the United States! New Hope Premium Fountain was founded by the same owners of Snap Custom Pizza.

The Snap Custom Conshohocken location is right off the main strip of Fayette St., directly across from the parking garage. If you have been to Conshy before, you already know that the parking is horrendous. Save yourself time looking for parking and just park in the garage, trust me. If you are coming from the city, the train station is conveniently an easy walking distance.

Snap was started by two friends in Villanova, Peter Howey & Aaron Nocks. They wanted to make yummy pizzas for themselves and their friends on the rowing team. So, they started to making homemade pizzas with fresh ingredients, nice and simple. They realized, 'oh snap!' (haha, get it?) 'We are pretty good at this!' And thank you guys for that!

If you are ever in Conshy, or near one of their many other locations, you need to check them out. This is not sponsored (unless you want it to be, Snap 😉)

Snap's Instagram:

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New Hope Premium Fountain website:

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